ASAP Study Replication in Ohio

This is incredibly exciting – absolutely amazing findings in this report on the recently concluded ASAP replication study in Ohio. From Straight Talk on Evidence:

Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) is a comprehensive community college program, developed by the City University of New York (CUNY), that provides academic, personal, and financial supports to low-income students. An earlier high-quality RCT of ASAP at CUNY, which we’ve summarized here, found that the program produced a remarkably large, statistically significant impact on college graduation rates—an increase from 41 percent in the control group to 51 percent in the treatment group, as measured six years after study entry.

Now a second (replication) RCT of ASAP, carried out in a different state—Ohio—has also reported large impacts on college graduation rates. The new study, conducted by MDRC with a sample of 1,501 low-income students at three Ohio community colleges, found that the program nearly doubled the rate of college graduation as measured three years after study entry—from 19 percent in the control group to 35 percent in the treatment group (the difference is statistically significant, p<0.01). This three-year effect is almost identical to that found in the CUNY RCT at three years. (emphasis added)

Grab the Executive Summary or the Full Report. You can learn more about the model at the ASAP website or in this overview video.